ECD claims that the "Project Ghost" is a Defender that clients will love to drive.

ECD Automotive Design is back at it again to make a splash in the restoration and modification industry with its newest project, the Project Ghost. As the largest Land Rover restoration company globally, ECD has a reputation for creating custom builds ranging from vintage Defenders to classic Jaguar E-Types, and the Project Ghost is no exception.

The attention-grabbing matte gray Land Rover Defender 110 is powered by an EV drivetrain, though it isn't the first time we've seen such a configuration. The electric ECD Defender has a 450-horsepower motor and a 100kWh battery pack, said to provide sufficient power for cruising city streets. Range, however, wasn't provided in its press release.

In the front, Project Ghost's Puma dashboard is wrapped in black leather, with the traditional panel and center console positions switched for driver convenience and finished off with ECD electric gauges. Other custom features include the black MOMO Prototipo steering wheel and metal billet buttons on the radio panel. To provide entertainment during nighttime city drives, the older Defender is equipped with an Alpine Halo touchscreen, JL Audio speakers, and a JBL Active subwoofer. The audio system can access Bluetooth, CarPlay, Sirius XM, and traditional radio stations. Other deluxe updates include three USB ports, WiFi, and a backup camera.

Source: ECD Automotive Design

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